Bab Khemis: the flea market in Marrakech

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Novembre 8, 2016

Bab Khemis: the flea market in Marrakech

Bab Khemis

Bab El Khemis, is one of my favourite places in Marrakesh, because not being known by tourists, thus still authentic and protected, it has maintained its original identity. What was historically the camel market, relegated to the outside walls of the medina because of the noise that came from it, has become a huge flea market.

Located in the north-west of the city, this open-air market area takes its name from the Medina door through which it can be reached: Bab El Khemis, or “Gate of Thursday,” the day when the market was held originally. The souk is divided into four parts. The first is dedicated to antique shops and junk of all kinds. Some are real stores, other vendors, however, are arranged in the surrounding areas, on the ground, and the idea is just that they are there to clear an old and dusty attic. Who is looking for deals, or just a particular object, can stroll in this primordial “mall” negotiating the price of old furniture, chandeliers, books, jewelry and much more. Once closed the deal, you can go joyfully to the next discovery. For those who must renovate the house, or are looking for something specific, the other three parts of the market are dedicated to the workshops of artisans of wood, ceramic, brass, etc. Here you can see them at work, admire their insured gestures and capable hands at work. If you like antiques, do not miss this popular souk in constant tingling. And to achieve it, here are the practical suggestions:

Where to go? Bab El Khemis

When to go? The market is open every day except Friday. However, we recommend to go on Thursday and Sunday, because there are more sellers and greater quantities of goods. As all flea markets, early morning is the best time to seek out the best opportunities. That said, given to merchants time to arrange the goods, so it is best not to go there before 9:30 to 10:00.

What’s inside? Old furniture, household items, decorations, carpets, fabrics, clothing, tools, jewelery and lots of coloured objects.

How to get? By taxi leaving from the Jemaa el Fna square. The same for the return, unless you have your hands full of purchases. At that point, in fact, there are vans that are waiting for you at the exit to help you carry your purchases.


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