Majorelle garden

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Novembre 8, 2016
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Marzo 3, 2017

Majorelle garden

The subtropical Majorelle Garden is located in the heart of Gueliz. It is one of the most delightful and stunning spots within this red walled city. Although the Majorelle Garden has existed in Morocco for decades, it was only made famous abroad when the Majorelle Garden’s former owner and care-taker, fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, featured it in the 1997 Chelsea Flower Show in London. Since this time, many have journeyed to Morocco just to see the Majorelle Garden. The Majorelle and its buildings are embellished by a unique shade of cobalt blue – the featured color in the garden.

The garden is 12 acres in size and radiates with multi-colored bougainvillea, rows of bright orange nasturtiums, pink geraniums, bold pergolas and concrete paths that exist in shades of pastel pink, lovely lemon and apple green. With the garden there are the over fifteen different species of birds, such as turtle doves, bulbuls and house buntings. With its beautiful groves of bamboo, date palms and various lily covered pools, it is little wonder why these marvelous creatures choose Majorelle Garden as their home.

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