Dressing, food and alcool

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Novembre 8, 2016

Dressing, food and alcool

Marrakech Tour | Riad Jaune Safran

Dressing in Marrakesh and its surroundings

One of the recurring questions of my guests, especially women, concerns dress, not only regarding weather conditions, but most of all referring to the local culture. In Marrakesh, as well as in all the big cities of Morocco, it is not difficult to meet young Moroccan women dressed with western clothing, and in any case tourists with western clothing are tolerated. But I think it is more correct to respect the place where you are, therefore I always recommend to cover legs and arms. The situation is different if you leave the city to visit more rural areas and villages. Although the influx of tourists is becoming more intense, the mentality in these places is still very closed. So, in these cases it is really recommended to cover yourself. On the contrary, in our riad, you can feel free to dress as you like. Just have respect, if go out on the terrace, and some neighbors can see you.

Displays of affection

Another thing to know, concerns the displays of affection in public. In Morocco, it is absolutely normal to go touring around hand in hand between persons of the same sex (with friends, brothers, sisters etc.). But even if a couple is married, it is definitely not respectful to go hand in hand in public, much less exchanging gestures of affection. And though for Westerners these behaviors are normal, you have to keep in mind that, especially older people, really consider outrageous and offensive that a couple, although foreigners, exchange a kiss in public.

Food and Ramadan

In the period of Ramadan, during the day Muslims are not allowed to eat or drink anything, so it is suggested to consume meals and drinks only inside restaurants or riads and absolutely avoid doing it in the streets, before the eyes of passersby. If you are in Marrakech during this time of year, do not miss the show that it’s repeated every night in Djemaa El Fna Square to celebrate the breaking of the fast that is celebrated at sunset. It’s really an extraordinary spectacle.


On this issue, you must always pay attention. Alcohol can only be found in restaurants and riad aimed at foreign tourism, and here there is no problem to have an alcoholic drink. On the contrary, it is absolutely unwise and not respectful to consume alcohol on the street.

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